The Eastern Orthodox marriage ceremony includes the "crowning" of the couple. They are told their role is to be the rulers of their household, but also that these are crowns of martyrdom. (The crown in Byzantine iconography indicates the person died for Christ. "Martyria" means witness; they witnesses their commitment to Christ) The sacrificial aspect of marriage is emphasized in the words of the rite.

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Russian Wool Shawl - Here's a corner of a handmade Russian Wool Shawl, the intricacy and detail of these amaze me every time I look at it. This one comes from the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufacture, located in the village of Pavlovo Posad which is located outside of Moscow.

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Russian traditional costume of a young girl from Vologda Province, early 20th century. #folk #art

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Top 10 Must-Watch Modern Russian Films

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Tourists enjoy a view of one of the most popular attractions in St Petersburg - The Church of the Savior on Blood. Russia

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