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Ironic....why is this not in the news???? why their own people, with plenty of resources don't take in refugees? why does Europe and the US have to ??? Could it be that they want to destroy us and/or want to ethnic cleanse and repopulate our lands ????


Multicultural Coloring: Saudi Arabia

Historically, children around the world have worn many different types of clothing. These detailed coloring pages will give your child a glimpse into the cool, traditional costumes worn by friends from around the globe.

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Donald J. Trump on

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Hillary Clinton spokesperson admitted that their was no ISIS video of me. Therefore, Hillary LIED at the debate last night. SAD!"


Beautiful little Sand Cat!! one of the smaller Wild Cats. The Sand Cat inhabits the arid regions in the Middle East. There are five distinct populations: two in the Sahara desert of northern Africa, one in southern Saudi Arabia, one around the Caspian Sea in Russia, and one in Pakistan. Isn’t she lovely :) ♥


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Saudi Arabia, one of the most barbatic countries in the world, just got re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council. Meanwhile Russia is left out of having a say.