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It really does boost your imagination. Every night before bed I run through a story that I've made up and sometimes I get bored with it and just when I think I'll never figure out another story, a book or a movie or a tv show Sparks a new idea for me and it's awesome!

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This is how I would die. Or "Peggy is the best Schuyler sister!" Or "Alexander Hamilton was too good for Eliza" or anything like that...

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23 Pictures You'll Laugh At If You're An "Overwatch" Fan

"If you hear angry yelling in Japanese, start running."

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They'll probably run off because of my incessant fangirling and screaming.

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+ I wish the scene where Cato runs to Clove as she's dying was in the movie

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"LEO-I-DON'T-KNOW-YOUR-MIDDLE-NAME-VALDEZ" "Run Leo, run like the wind" - Ask the Demigods

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And then you give him one of those cute little peck-y kisses on the cheek and continue to draw. "you know, you're really bad at drawing right?" Leo says knowing it would come out sooner or later. "Well at least I didn't name him Happy" you taunt back. He then throws you onto the bed of your cabin on the Argo II and starts tickling you and gives you little kisses. Annabeth walks in asking a question about some architecture, but runs out the door.

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