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Algebra Formulas by Color Interactive Notebook Pages - Graphic Organizer

Fun way to teach the rules. These four posters are designed to help all students, but especially the visual learner. Sometimes all the x’s, y’s, a’s, b’s, exponents, subscripts, and index numbers in formulas can overwhelm a student. Showing the students the basic formulas this way will allow your students to use the rules without being overwhelmed . These will remove some of the obstacles and enable your students to easily move forward through Algebra. I have included two sizes.


Properties of Logarithms Foldable

Properties of Logs Foldable: Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule. Expanding and Condensing Logs are Included.


'Cabin Rules' Wall Sign

This 'Cabin Rules' Wall Sign is perfect! #zulilyfinds -Possibly could make your own. This is pricey


Aquarius! I get in trouble at work a lot because of how I dress~ I work that's what you pay me for!