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It is comforting that even my favorite childhood show understands how hard it is to have fun anymore

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ya ok... but, i mean, is no one else seeing the crazy weird arm to neck to head ratio? Rugrats, man...

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Getting Deep On Rugrats

Getting Deep On Rugrats

get your daily dose of fun and entertainment by browsing through some of the most funny pictures of the internet!

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 56 Pics

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I feel like characters like this are the reason why I've grown up with no chill lmao

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I used to love this show, and now I remember why.

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Rugrats! Never knew how true their parenting experience was lol!

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33 Jokes That Went Way Over Your Head As A Kid

That awkward moment when you realize the Rugrats had a little dark humor. #bbbscw

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Image result for rugrats quotes

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