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ROYSTON VASEY MEMORIES Miss Timkins, secretary of The Royston Vasey Wine Circle, was a bit of a goer in her younger days. She was the first woman in West Yorkshire to own a motor cycle and did not confine herself to sitting primly in the saddle but was prone to startle other road users by standing on the saddle and steering by swaying to one side or the the other.


A Scottish Highland cow. This is a short, shaggy, and hardy breed known for their sweet temperment. (Usually raised to slaughter, but they can make pets and will happily follow their people around.) Photo by Royston Vasey


Best British TV Shows & Series - 1990s

League of Gentleman - Royston Vasey - Youll Never Leave!


The League of Gentlemen (UK) - 01x06 Escape from Royston Vasey