Royal Navy Post Captain uniform coat and waistcoat - from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England -- this style from 1795-1812

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Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll. The 3rd Royal Navy ship to bear the name, she is also the 3rd of the Royal Navy's Duke class frigates and was commissioned on 30 May 1991.

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HMS Vanguard was the last battleship commissioned into the Royal Navy: laid down as a 'one off' on the outbreak of war in 1939 to make use of the 8 stored 15 in guns from light battlecruisers Glorious and Courageous (converted to carriers), competing resource priorities meant she was not completed till 1946. She stayed in service till 1960.

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When we had a Navy. HMS Ark Royal berthing with sister ship HMS Invincible, Portsmouth, 2008

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HMS Kent working with French carrier strike group.Type 23 Frigate assumed vital role protecting French carrier strike group’s mission in Middle East.Ushering in new era of British/French military cooperation,Kent taken role of anti submarine warfare commander for French carrier Charles De Gaulle,responsible for protecting group from underwater threats.Will also provide general maritime security using Lynx helicopter as “eyes” & advanced radar systems as “ears”. Royal Navy

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