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Ridgid R4512 TS -- shop built folding outfeed table & router insert - by nwbusa @ ~ woodworking community


Check out the information listed in the forum comments on creating a zero clearance insert after making the router table insert.


If you need to rout a profile on the edge of a curved piece, you won’t be able to use the router table fence. That’s where you need a router table insert plate that's equipped with a start pin. It helps you to start your cut without the bit grabbing your workpiece. You just rest your workpiece against the pin, and then rotate the piece into the bit until the edge makes contact with the router bit bearing.


Router Fence for a Table Saw

Your table saw is a router table and jointer just waiting to happen. Replace one of the saw's wings (or adapt your existing table board) to hold a router table insert, and you're in business. Read more »