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Rostrum Camera Stand for Remote Overhead Photos and video using smartphones, tablets and all cameras - Great Early Bird Offers on Kickstarter!

21st century rostrum camera stand - I would like to get one of these rostrum camera stands. They hand on the wall and you place your iphone camera on top. How clever.

Created by: Nicos Livesey Directed by: Nicos Livesey & Tom Bunker Executive Producer: Harry Hill Producers: Posy Dixon, Dan Keefe, Nicos Livesey Lead 2D Animator: Blanca Martinez De Rituerto 2D Animation: Tom Bunker, Elisa Ciocca, Anne-Lou Erambert, Duncan Gist, Dan Hamman, Nicos Livesey, James Martin, Azusa Nakagawa, Nuno Neves, Joe Sparkes, Joe Sparrow, James Turzynski 3D Animation & Modelling: Luke Howell, Sam Munnings Rostrum Camera Operators: Stefan Iyapah, Michalis Livesey,…

1 The Dead Zone /TITLE DESIGNER - Richard Greenberg/STYLES= 1980s, 2D, graphic, MOVIEmain title, optical, rostrum camera, still photography, typographic

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How to Make a DIY Camera Stand

Made for stills but could work equally well for some of the iPad and whiteboard sketch videos I get asked to make.


Rostrum Camera Stand infographic for Remote Overhead Photos and Video by Lex McColl — Kickstarter

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Fast Film

Fast Film by Virgil Widrich. I saw this in 2003 and have never got it out of my head. It took 10 years to make and is one of the greatest piece of art I know-and most people don't even know about it!

Rostrum Camera Stand per iPhone ed Android -

You can use the Rostrum Camera stand with laptop as remote and then see immediately on computer.

Altered States - title sequence - YouTube / TITLE DESIGNER- Richard Greenberg / STYLES- 1980s, animation, animation stand, classic, live action, MOVIEmain title, mixed-media, montage, optical, rostrum camera, typographic