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Rosettes - Grew up making these every winter. Oil must be the right temp and batter should be thin or they will fall off the iron. Perfectly crispy and taste like funnel cakes! YUMMY!

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Scandinavian Rosettes Omg I love Pinterest! My grandma use to make these all the time and could not remember what they were called and had no luck googling! *tears* I miss her so painfully bad! Thank you Pinterest!

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Simple Rosettes

Simple Rosettes via King Arthur Flour- "Rosettes are the beauty queen cousin to the homespun funnel cake. Egg rich batter is deep fried on a special decorative iron to crisp, golden perfection. Adorned with a simple coating of sugar, or filled with luscious mousse, they make a unique dessert for any occasion."

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An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide to Make Scandinavian Rosette Cookies

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Christmas rosette cookies

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Rosette recipe. Easy deep fried pastry. Yumm! They're really lite, kinda reminds me of a funnel cake:)

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Easy Rosettes Cookie Recipe

Easy Rosette Cookie Recipe from back when grandma used to make them. There are a few tips and tricks you need to know BEFORE making these holiday delights. VIDEO included to show the technique! Very helpful.

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Delicious Dessert Will Leave Your Guests Begging For More

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Delicious Dessert Will Leave Your Guests Begging For More

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They’re Making Me Hungry

Apple tart roses...used pie crust instead of puff pastry. Took a while to bake but very yummy served with vanilla bean ice cream and homemade salted caramel

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Melting Moments Recipe... I have some wheaten cornflour to use up, wonder if I can make a low sugar version of these and feed them to the kids!

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Rosettes Cookies are a Special Scandinavian Christmas Cookie

I have rosette irons and tried these last year. They did not turn out that great. I think it is time to re-try....maybe a new recipe.

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Here's a Great Easy-to-Make Gluten-Free Rosette

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Scandinavian Rosettes Recipe

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Delicious Dessert Will Leave Your Guests Begging For More