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Art Projects for Kids: Grass in a CD Case... maybe for art club and paint bugs on the outside!


DIY Kokedama String Gardens

DIY Kokedama String Gardens | Martha Stewart Living - Being a flower school, our students and staff are always on the lookout for the latest trends. Over the last few years, the Japanese art of Kokedama has become increasingly popular. Kokedama means literally, "moss ball," and it's easy to see why! These cute plants have their root systems removed, introduced to new soil, bound and bonsaied into a neat little ball. The greatest part about this DIY project is that anyone can do it!


...A great example of why we need to stop labeling things as "weeds," and yanking them out...without thinking about the impact that will have on the environment~


Thymes Catalog | Photography: Lauren Krysti, Stylist: Helen Quinn, Art Direction Design: Wink Mpls, Scott Thares, Melanie Haroldson


If you want to learn how to grow garlic, start by thinking of it like a bulb. Unlike most vegetables, the best time to plant garlic is in the fall (even though many seed catalogs will sell it in spring). Ideally, get it in the ground right after your area's first killing frost (this may be from late September to November or even December, depending on where you live). After you plant it, garlic will develop a healthy root system in the cool soil. It goes dormant over winter and waits to s...

This Phal has mostly healthy leaves but I should check its root system. Judging from the leaf color, it's also maybe getting too much light.

Growing Beans on Cotton Balls