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Fun website find…The Make Room (Planner)

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10 of the best free online room layout planner tools

Learn how to re-design and plan a room, using these fab free interior design room planning and layout tools.

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Printable room planner to help you plan the layout of your room....before you start pushing and pulling the furniture into spaces where it won't fit!

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This is a MUST. Input your rooms measurements and the measurements of your furniture to see what your layout will look like before you break your back moving things! Plus see what different accessories will look like in your room!

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I love this free room planning tool! It allows you to enter specific pieces of furniture and their sizes. I love being able to rearrange my rooms without having to physically move stuff just to see if it works.

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The 10 Best Online Room Planners

DesertRose,;,10 different websites with space and room planners. You can arrange your rooms and play around with colours, before you commit to anything,;,

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Furniture Placement in A Large Room

Dear Style Studio Team, My husband and I just moved into our first home and we are completely clueless on furniture placement and design ideas....

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