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Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 1911 – June was an American actor and politician. He was the President of the United States and served as the Governor of California prior to his presidency.

Reagan. I love this man. Wish he was still with us, but what a legacy!                                                                                                                                                      More

PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan YES! Hopefully the blm movement will soon understand this message. They need to stop blaming their skin color, acknowledge that these men were criminals, and let them be held accountable for their own demise.

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Socialism = your freedom taken away. That is why people from Socialist countries move to America. How many Americans want to move to a Socialist or Communist country? Oops we are heading there now!

Ronald Reagan:  “We developed several sound positions, demonstrated our willingness to be flexible, and consistently invited the Soviets to walk through the door to serious negotiations. We hope that the Soviet Union will be willing to do this in 1984.   For its part, the United States will leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of reductions in nuclear arsenals."

Being a Boy Scout

Ronald Reagan - "If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, we will be one nation gone under." Our family loved President Reagan- he truly worked/was a servant for "we the people"!

Ronald Reagan quote. "We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free." Americans for Prosperity~ Now, here's a president that had his priorities straight!!!

RONALD REAGAN Quote ~ "We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free.

We live in a free country and have the opportunity to do what we want. In many countries there is no choice.  You are told what you can do as well as what you cannot do.  It's nice to have the freedom to choose!

Ronald Reagan, American Tea Party Values.

We need another man like President Reagan. His love for America was Never Questioned!

“We have to find tough, bright young men and women who are sick and tired of clichés and the pomposity and the mind-numbing economic idiocy of the liberals in Washington.

The Ronald Reagan Building - Beautiful inspiration for a great event

The Ronald Reagan Building

Wedding Lounge ~ Circles and uplighting to transform a room into an imaginative wonderland.

RONALD REAGAN.....just the best!

what a vile mentality. The rot in the States started with this B grade actor and D grade politics.

Ain't no party like a Ronald Reagan party. With this Ragin' Reagan design you can show off one of the biggest partyin' presidents there ever was (that is except for Abe). Bring the rage to every party you go to this summer.

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