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Ronald Reagan Death

LOOK: First Couples On Their Wedding Days

Actor Ronald Reagan and his bride, actress Nancy Davis, smile at each other following their marriage, March 4, 1952, in the Little Brown Church of the Valley in north Hollywood, Calif. It is her first marriage and Reagan's second.

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“Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.” – Ronald Reagan

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After Nancy Reagan accepted the flag, she approached the casket and spent several minutes patting and stroking it.She laid her head down on the casket, before breaking down and crying; nearly a week of somber rituals" but she "surrendered to her grief after being handed the flag that had covered her husband's coffin."While she cried, she kissed the casket and said "I love you". Her children surrounded her, Mrs. Reagan then walked away with her military escort, clutching the folded flag.

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Nancy Reagan visits Ronald Reagan's grave

Reagan used a wheelchair during her visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. (june 5, 2014 - 10th anniversary of reagan's death)

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The death of my favorite president, Ronald Reagan. I was there, the procession, the church... Poor Nancy :( the epitome of grace under fire

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Death and state funeral of Ronald Reagan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Ronald and Nancy Reagan, his second marriage. He is the only US president to have been divorced.

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Why Reagan Lives on 10 Years After Death

President Reagan with Nancy Reagan inside George Washington Hospital four days after the shooting. (Photo: Ronald Reagan Library)

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