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A young Anais, being brought to Moslor for the first time. A young woman of sixteen, she was married to the king Moswen, after her sister, Ophelie, Moswen's first wife, died.

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"Rome" from HBO. One of the most rewarding shows I have ever watched. It had…

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Polly Walker Online, Polly Walker, Rome HBO -- Is a videos series of dramatic podcasts a "movie"? What's the difference? Octavian may have been like that -- Atia certainly, better than the arid & fleshless Atia of Classical Civ 101, anyway...

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Mark Antony and Julius Caesar - James Purefoy and Ciarán Hinds in Rome, set between 49 BC and 31 BC (TV series 2005-2007).

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Allen Leech and Kerry Condon as Marcus Agrippa and Octavia in HBO's Rome. He's better known as Tom Branson from Downton Abbey and she was the crazy lady who kept a zombie head in a bag on The Walking Dead.

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