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Top 7 Mistakes Building a Rodeo Queen Wardrobe


Overnight curlers can be the best for a rodeo queen

Rodeo Queen Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2013 Kristina Maddocks © Jodie Baxendale


Louisiana High School Rodeo Queen, 2013 Queen, Davenna Lea


Rodeo Queen - see, she got the rodeo 'champeen' sash too, just like Phoebe


❤ Cowgirl ❦ 'One last look' - FARMINGTON, NM - usthestories. Here's your new look soon Stacey

this is the first time i've actually liked one of these blinged out hats


Rodeo Queen 2013 Miss Rodeo South Dakota ~ Kristina Maddocks © Jodie Baxendale

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How to Write a Rodeo Queen Speech

How to Write a Rodeo Queen Speech | eHow

put my in a pony tail, rolled it with hot rollers, sprayed it with "Big Sexy Hair, Spray and Play Harder" hairspray, grabbed a blanket, stuck my head in the freezer for ten minutes, left it in til the rodeo, took all the rollers out, cut the pony tail, and put my hat on. This isn't me, but it looks a lot like how my hair came out my first couple years of being a rodeo queen.