Rocky Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Rocky Red Ranger by LadySesshy on @DeviantArt

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Jason Lee Scott, Austin St. John, Red Ranger, Tyrannosaurus, Power Rangers, Rocky DeSantos, Steve Cardenas, Andros, Christopher Khayman Lee, Carter Grayson, Sean CW Johnson, Shane Clarke, Pua Magasiva, Jack Landors, Brandon Jay McLaren, Nick Russell, Firass Dirani, Casey Rhodes, Jason Smith, Conner McKnight, James Napier, Troy Burrows, Andrew Gray

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A monster created by Lord Zedd from a kaleidoscope that Adam dropped, Scatterbrain had the ability to erase people's memories. Immediately upon arriving on Earth, it manages to erase the memories of Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha devise a plan to save their friends. Adam collects some prisms from Billy's lab to use to reflect Scatterbrain's beam, bringing back the memories of their friends. Just when Adam arrives to save the Rangers, Scatterbrain uses the beam on him...

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Amazing Work By Fantasy Artist Dave Rapoza

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Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, and Kat graduate...get kicked to the curb for newbies. Turbo - Second half of season 5

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Rocky DeSantos (Red Power Ranger) - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Power Rangers Central (Power Rangers Central, 03/16)

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