Animal of the day - 07/15/2010 - American Robin

Animal of the day – 07/15/2010 – American Robin

The American Robin is usually the first sign of why are they still here in SE Michigan? It's mid-December! They should be snow-birding it on down to Florida with all the other smart little birdies!

American Robin - yes, one of our most commons birds, but if you live in the part of North America that has seasons - most of it that is - a welcome and cheery harbinger of Spring.

A brief break in the drizzle of rain and this robin perched in our plum tree with still a few drops on his head. Couldn't resist another robin shot.

Minimalistic Animal Tattoos Created At Sol Tattoo Parlor - "Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness." | Robin bird represents new growth

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Minimalistic Animal Tattoos Created At Sol Tattoo Parlor - "Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.

How to draw a robin bird!

How To Draw A Robin Bird (Realistic) - Art For Kids Hub -

American Robin | On the wild side of the Arkansas River valley

American Robin

a migratory songbird of the thrush family and a harbinger of spring. I always spot the first robin by mid March.brick red chest, has a melodic caroling song.state bird of Wisconsin.

Lovely little things! My #interfloramum is not much of a "Bird Person" otherwise these little fellas. She believes that her Dad comes back into her life as a robin when things are getting a little tough. It is v odd because they do always seem to show up when she seems to need a pick me up!!!#Lovely!

Robins are such sweet little birds! I think they are incredible and so does the majority of Britain apparently! Also, they look gorgeous, not many birds that look this cute. I love these birds so much. Definitely my favourite garden bird!

Rose Robin, Australia

fairy-wren: pink robin I love pink robins rose robins. Why must they only live in New Zealand Australia and Tasmania? My b folks. But there are pink robins. Pink robins and Rose robins. And they don& live in the Northern Hemisphere :&

" 'Hope' is the thing with feathers/ That perches in the soul/ And sings the tune without the words/ And never stops at all." .... Emily Dickinson (1861)

Read the story below the other robin, this shoot was twenty minutes pure joy. The lights were perfect, the setting was perfect and even the model was perfect and calm. Did the photographer cope with this? :) Take a closer look

'vintage robin bird illustration' - Google Search

Robin Bird Print - 1976 Vintage Book Page Garden Birds