Rob Bell: 5 Thoughts on God, Spirituality and Heaven - Slideshow - @Helen George #supersoulsunday

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That breath that you just took...that's a gift. -Rob Bell Quote #quotes #breathe #gratitude

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... you're always in the process of becoming. You aren't who you were and you aren't who you are going to be. — Rob Bell

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Because With Every Action Comment Conversation We Have The Choice To Invite Heaven Or Hell To Earth - Rob Bell

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✨Greatness is when you leave the room, & people have more hope than when you entered. - Rob Bell @realrobbell ✨✌️... The "Sobriety Network" Podcast Raffle: Step 1: Click the link in my bio or comment your email address below... Step 2: Check your email for further instructions & you will be automatically entered into the raffle to WIN $100 BUCKS CASH!

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