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Australia - KW and Cummins hold the record for the longest and heaviest Road Train Downunder! Australian As!

Six Trailer Road Train Truck

The Centipede with a top speed of 40 mph km/h), a length of ft meters) and weighing 205 tonnes is the world's longest truck in regular service. This 110 wheel behemoth can be found in Australia.

road train (Northern Territory Australian) "Shucks, ain't a 'heap a' corners out daahr anyhows!!

If your driving in the Australian Outback you better watch out for road trains, trucks with two, three or even four trailers attached. Road trains are an Australian invention but they exists in Mex…

KW pulling four 3 axle cattle racks, the US could learn more about efficient transportation from our brothers down under. ⚡️

KW pulling four 3 axle cattle racks, efficient transportation down under.