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Cool poster design and color combination. Paris 74

Kona Bikes My MTB is a Kona and I LOVE it!!

Bianchi worlds oldest bike brand!

Let’s see if we can compile a list of bike brands that Frank The Welder has worked for and contributed to their good reputation. Here’s a start: Spooky Cycles, Sinister, Sweetheart Cycles, Yeti, Turner, Barracuda, Easton… Needless to say, Frank Wadelton is a worthy inductee into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Today, his frames are still highly sought after, especially if you’re after a quality custom aluminum MTB or road bike.

Sgt. Pepper menswear brand -- I love companies that use creative inspiring photography in their marketing.

TT Monocoque by Builder Stephan Sharp. Prototype TT, stressed skin Monocoque, Kevlar and Carbon. Sun Tou Superbe, Cinelli Bars - Stem, Mavic BB, 24" front.