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Rls Medication

After pinning this, I did give it a try. You know those evenings when your legs are sore & tight--you just know RLS is going to play H#*LL? Tastes yucky, but it is stopping the cramps 100% all night long, I'm totally amazed! ~Helen --- may have to try this one.

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27 Reasons That Will Make You To Add Vitamin B12 In Your Diet

Are you feeling washed out, have poor memory, forget to eat meals (maybe no appetite), feeling tired and foggy? It could be you are low on B12. This amazing supplement helps supply oxygen to the body, is amazing for stress and anxiety, soothes the nervous system, is great for brain function and the formation of blood. Ask someone on your wellness team if this is something you might need. Vitamin B-12 Deficiency #health #infographic #diet

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A Simple Yoga Treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome

Yoga can be an effective home remedy for Restless Legs Syndrome. Learn an easy, natural approach to manage RLS by sitting in a simple yoga pose.

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Medications That May Help Your Restless Legs Syndrome

Medications That May Help Your Restless Legs Syndrome No single medication controls RLS for everyone. However, one of these RLS treatment options could be right for you.

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Homemade Restless Leg Spray

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DIY Whipped Magnesium Lotion

This magnesium lotion is a miracle worker. I sleep better, have less anxiety and I'm happier to be around too! The recipe is incredibly easy and ready in just 15 minutes! ::

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And even though I have been checked several times -- my eye doc still says there is no problem. My eyes are healthy.

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