BBC America Costume Contest: Best Character: River Song (Doctor Who )– Chelsea, CA

River Song Costume Cosplay - Doctor Who It would be cool if someone dressed up as Clara! - I've seen pretty cool Clara cosplays

Tutorial: TARDIS journal by ~katien22 on deviantART

Tutorial: TARDIS journal by on deviantART - is tardis blue a color choice at craft store, lol!

aaah that is SO cool!! I am not really     into all the steampunk stuff, but some of it i love and i love this!! ...I     just need to get an awesome holster. Then i can run around the yard in a dress     and pretend to be River Song

How to steampunk a water gun. Probably painted black and colored with rub and buff. I'm gonna do this to my future husband so will be a war fun war

"River Song" by michelle-geiser on Polyvore

River Song/ Melody Pond<<< i should put my hair in super tight curls and wear this. yea, i like that idea