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Rio Olympics Triathlon

2016 Rio Olympics

Gwen Jorgensen --Four years ago, I set a goal: to win the Rio Olympics. In 2012, Patrick and I…

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Joe Maloy: How being a lifeguard made me a better triathlete

Day in the Sweat Life: Olympic Triathlete Gwen Jorgensen

By Gwen Jorgensen Gwen Jorgensen is a two-time International Triathlon Union World Champion, 2012 Olympian, and frontrunner for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games — where she hopes to be the first American to win a Gold in the triathlon event. Add to that, she is now also sponsored by 24 Hour Fitness, alongside fellow prestigious Olympic athletes. We caught Gwen before she takes off to Rio, to ask what a Day in the Sweat Life is like for her. Read on…

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How triathlete Gwen Jorgensen overcame her fears

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Armour: As planned USA's Gwen Jorgensen wins triathlon gold at Rio Olympics

Keith Brownlee on his sons Alistair and Jonny's Olympic triathlon success: "They'd compete to empty the dishwasher"

How triathlete Gwen Jorgensen overcame her fears

Gwen Jorgensen Rio 2016 Olympic triathlon preparation | Downhill Battle: How Gwen Jorgensen pushed past her fears ahead of Rio Olympics |