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Belgariad+Map | Are you using any of the extra features- maps and indexes, for ...

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repair-her-armor: urjabhi: Concepts for “The Lord of the Rings Online” by Wesley Burt. I’m in love with these!

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Whisler - A leader of the thieves guild. He always keeps his identity hidden. In fact, he is Eratil, the Chamberlain of Tharbad (2nd in command). He has knack for survival but has an irrational hatred of Imlach, the Gondorian Commander who is in charge of protecting Tharbad and ensuring trade continues.

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ceruleancynic: amarilloo: dtk-womenwarriors: ART BY WESLEY BURT Part I NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT oh would you fucking look at that WOMEN IN BATTLE GEAR/ARMOR THAT IS NOT DRIPPING WITH FROTHY-SLICK CURDS OF SEXISM goddes and men saide it was notte to bee but they would notte listen

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The Guide to Buying a Engagment Rings Online | Charlie The Cavalier Keywords: #engagementrings #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:

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