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Play Doh "INSIDE OUT" Riley, Riley's Mom, Riley's Dad Inspired Costumes

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what makes his lines even more funny, it that they are normally said with little to no expression :D

from J&M Aquatics and Pet Center

When your (and your dog’s) routine changes

This is Riley.  Riley is a toy poodle and his mom’s routine recently changed.  Here are some ways Riley’s mom is handling this routine change for both of them: Riley has been having som…

Danny: Oh, hey, babe. What are you doing up? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... Riley: You lied to me. Danny: Riley... Riley: You... you could've just told me the truth. Danny: It was high school. Riley: I asked you if you had feelings for her, and you said, "No." "Not ever." Danny: Just let me explain, please. Riley: No, no, no, Danny. There's nothing to explain. Here's your necklace. We don't have a someday anymore. (5x10)


National Treasure @Emma Rooker . This is how I always feel when I remember something you don't.

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James Riley Riley Child Verse 1906 Story Book Hardcover

James Riley Riley Child Verse 1906 Story by KathysVintageItems


Terry Riley - Riley: In C

In C :: Therry Riley 1964 #Generative Riley’s In C is a composition with a set of instructions rather than a score per se; a semi-aleatoric musical piece composed in1964 for any number of people, (35 is desired if possible). It consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases; each phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times.

"Artwork by Charles & Michael Riley" [Riley Art Glass Studio in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a partnership of two brothers, Charles and Michael Riley.] 'h4d' 120814


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