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Prince Harry and Rihanna take a HIV test together in Barbados on World Aids Day

Harry and Rihanna stopped at a makeshift barber shop set up in a small marquee, where one ...


famed singer, Rihanna performs her mega-hit song, "Where Have You Been?". video is official music video. video is sexy- just like everything else that rihanna does. video is courtesy of GREAT AUDIO!! I LOVE THIS SONG!! turn it up and rock out like there's no tomorrow!! yolo!!! all rihanna, all the time!! xoxo.


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RIHANNA, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN <3 Just rediscovered this vid and me learning the various dances


I honestly don't understand why people are giving Miley so much hate 1. She's fricken gorgeous with or without long hair like get over it 2. She's growing up she's not Hannah Montana anymore she's Miley Cyrus so stop with all the "where'd Hannah Montana go " crap and 3. She's being herself and if she's happy with herself who are to get in the way of that like honestly she most likely doesn't care what you think. Sorry for my rant but I love and support Miley 100% and people annoy me so much

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The 10 Best Beauty Looks of the Week: September 7, 2015

Caramel Brown hair WHO: Rihanna WHERE: On the street, New York City WHEN: September 7, 2015