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Darnell - First Family Of Hip Hop Sugarhill Records Darnell from First Family of Hip Hopis the future of Sugar Hill Records. In episode 1 of the show's first season "The Empire Strikes Back" we meet Darnell Roy the grandson of Sylvia Robinson. She is the mastermind behind some of hip hop's most popular songs including "Rapper's Delight" and "The Message." Darnell most likely looks familiar. He appeared on My Super Sweet 16in 2006. Juelz Santana J. Isaac and Rihanna made appearances at his…

Should she go?! Actor #CharlieSheen tweets #Rihanna.

OMG he made a reference to a Rihanna song!! I wonder if she ever saw that xD

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Jourdan Dunn slams Victoria's Secret fashion show on Twitter

Beef: The British model's tweet read: 'Feeling so much better about not doing BS... sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn't doing it also.' Rihanna last performed for Victoria's Secret in 2012

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Celebrities' Most Asinine Tweets Set to Music [VIDEO]

HILARIOUS! This guy found the lamest celebrity tweets and made them into a song.

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whiskered treeswift (hemiprocne comata) - a forest-living species. it feeds primarily on insects and hunts from perches where it sits in upright posture, and from where it can have a good all-round vision of the surroundings. very agile in flight, it chases insects and small flying arthropods

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The 23 Most Important Things That Happened At The VMAs

Harry eating an orange in the middle of the VMAs. Cause you know, popcorn is too mainstream.

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