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Rights and Responsibilities Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas | BrainPOP Educators

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Rights and Responsibilities Chart

Balance of rights and responsibility. Classroom management: must follow through with responsibilities in order to maintain your rights.

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Rights and Responsibilities Social Studies Unit

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Rights and Responsibilities Social Studies Unit

JUST UPDATED!! This unit features 5 activities about rights and responsibilities in our community and school. It could be used anywhere from Kindergarten up to 2nd or even 3rd grade. Included in this set:-Posters with definitions and examples-Rights and responsibilities bubble map- Students give several examples of each.-Writing activity- Students write rights and responsibilities of their own made up land-Flipbook- Rights in my community/ Responsibilities in my community-9 large cards for…

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Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities When beginning to study Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, the first skill that a student must master is the difference

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*Rights and Responsibilities - KINDERGARTEN & GRADE ONE*Includes:-Draw two examples of things have the right to-Draw two examples of things you are responsible to do-Colour sort for rights and responsibilities-Writing page on writing examples of rights and responsibilities-I can statements

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