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BREAKING: Judge Strikes Down Scott Walker’s “Right-To-Work” Law As Unconstitutional Workers and labor unions just won a HUGE victory in Wisconsin.

BREAKING: Judge Strikes Down Scott Walker's "Right-To-Work" Law As Unconstitutional. In America’s twenty-five right-to-work states, the average worker makes $5,971 (or 12.2%) less than in union-friendly states; median household income is $6,568 (or 11.8%) less. Right-to-work states have higher rates of uninsured workers, have higher rates of poverty, higher infant mortality rates. and have a 54% higher rate of workplace fatalities.

Chart: Michigan’s “Right to Work” law contains verbatim language from ALEC model bill

Michigan GOP Push Through Anti-Union, Elite-Backed "Right-to-Work" Law Before House Majority Shrinks


The racist roots of 'right to work' laws Today's right-to-work movement can trace its origins to the Jim Crow and Red Scare South.

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'Right-to-Work' Laws Explained, Debunked And Demystified

English: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (Photo credit: Wikipedia) One of the enduring myths of legislation designed to bring ‘right-to-work’ laws to the states is the notion that these laws actually have something to do with the right to work. They decidedly do not. While—as we will see—the misnomer has nothing whatsoever to do [...]


BREAKING: Judge Strikes Down Scott Walker's "Right-To-Work" Law As Unconstitutional


One of the Laws the Wisconsin Republican Based Presidential Candidacy Upon Is Unconstitutional, Says Judge

Mother Jones exposé shows how Michigan right to work law was bought & paid for by the DeVos family

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What right-to-work laws really mean

Indiana could become the first state to embrace a right-to-work law in more than a decade, alarming organized labor proponents who fear a shift in public support for workers’ rights.