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OHCHR Special Rapporteur on the right to education

Checklist: What Is and Isn’t Covered Under FAPE

This checklist goes over what the right to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) does and doesn't cover.

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Constructive Education Framework (CEF) will work on the principle of “Learning for Earning” to meet the larger objective of building a prosperous society.

5th Grade NYS Learning Standard CITIZENSHIP AND CIVIC LIFE: Constitutions, rules, and laws are developed in democratic societies in order to maintain order, provide security, and protect individual rights. This is an example of a "classroom constitution" made together as a class. It allows your students to become more comfortable as a learning community. Also students are more inclined to follow and not break their own rules rather than rules that the teacher sets.

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Rights and Responsibilities Chart

Balance of rights and responsibility. Classroom management: must follow through with responsibilities in order to maintain your rights.

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Must Teach Middle School Routines and Procedures

20 middle school routines and procedures to keep your students on the right track and out of trouble. Set your classroom up for success! |

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A Search Engine for Learning: Teachers and students can use Gooru to search for rich collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos, games and quizzes created by educators in the Gooru community. Gooru is free (of cost and ads) and developed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to honor the human right to education.

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How To Make Digital Flashcards With Google Docs Spreadsheets

Here are step-by-step directions for making digital flashcards with Google Docs Spreadsheets. Access them right on your handheld device for individual practice.

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Setting Up a Secondary Special Education Classroom - Classroom Layout

Classroom Layout: Students' binders and individual schedules are right next to to the door when they walk in so that the first thing they do in the morning is grab their binder and go to their desk. This is also where they leave their take home folders.

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