Rick Springfield - one of my first crushes :)

Rick Springfield Who can not resist singing along to "Jessie Girls" every time it comes on?

Rick Springfield - Rock of Life

Official web site of songwriter, musician, actor and author Rick Springfield.

Rick Springfield - still looking good! (and still with great hair)

I don't care that people tease me about him. First crush when I was a kid-it's always gonna stay with me!

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield, circa 2016 - And he still looks good today!

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield, ok I will stop now, he was cute then and he still is, sigh

Rick Springfield and his dog Gomer.

Rick Springfield and his dog Gomer (who's since passed away.) This photo shoot was for the softcover of his memoir Late, Late at Night.

I had a poster of this guy on my wall by the age of 4. Definitely my first celebrity crush!

Ricki and the Flash's Rick Springfield on Meryl Streep, writing and depression


Just when you didn't think RS could get any hotter, the newest from Jay Gilbert Photography! T-Y Jay!

Rick Springfield : Working Class Dog (Both Covers)

Rick Springfield : with Sparks Working Class Dog (Both Covers) Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, California 1983