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Our Criminal Republican Congress protected Michigan's GOP Gov. Rick Snyder from being prosecuted for Poisoning Low Income Families. Rotten Republicans

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A very apt display of thoroughly warped & treacherous "values"! This guy should serve jail time for gross neglect of duty!

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PETITION · Rick Snyder: Urgent! Stop Wolf Hunting in MI · The Wolf hunt in Michigan may be on again even though the voters rejected it twice in 2014 and the courts upheld this vote. Please sign this petition urging Gov. Rick Snyder to VETO SB 1187 which allows wolf hunting and trapping in MI.

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Repukkke Gov.Snyder poisoned the community of Flint, Michigan.... where is your outrage?? He put greed before people!!

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Arrest Governor Rick Snyder! Children are dying in Flint, Michigan because Republicans switched the city's water supply to one contaminated with lead in an effort to "save money" after Governor Snyder's tax cuts for the rich blew a hole in the state's budget. Snyder's office learned about the toxic water in July, but didn't warn residents until October. Spread his shame!

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Michigan Curbs Pension Tax Breaks For Retirees

Gov Snyder clearly is a toool of the rich and powerful, and too stupid to be ashamed of himself. When are the people of Michigan going to insist he be arrested for the knowing and willful poisoning of thousands of children? Why is he not already under arrest? where are all the people who supposedly are so concerned about children's lives?

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Here are ten things that you probably don’t know about this crisis because the media, having come to the story so late, can only process so much. But if you live in Flint or the State of Michigan as I do, you know all to well that what the greater public has been told only scratches the surface.

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Gov Rick Snyder poisons 1000's and kills at least 10. We're beyond resignation talk. He needs to be in SHACKLES.

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Gov. Rick Snyder, still poisoning people in Flint, Michigan. A man of no action, he's done virtually nothing to rectify the situation. At the least, he could deliver fresh water to people's homes, but he only did that for General Motors.

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