American Made Vacuums. Riccar : Vacuum Cleaners - Upright, Canister, 8-Pound, Central Vacuums

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Riccar Vacuum Cleaners Made in America! Just my style. We bought one 4 years ago and it still works like magic!

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Riccar vacuum cleaners are American made, high quality, and start under $200. Tired of buying a vacuum every year? Riccar vacuums have life spans up to 20 years. See why Riccar vacuums are the #1 choice of our customers!

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Riccar Vacuum Cleaners - Another Gem From Pandora’s Box >>>> Riccar, a company known for its exceptionally high quality vacuum cleaners makes vacuum cleaners for both home and commercial use. It is a California based company being in the business for over 50 years. Widely known for selling credible #VacuumCleaners over the years, Performance is at the core of each and every appliance that #Riccar has ever made. #UprightVacuum #VacuumFilters

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Riccar Vacuums Made In the USA>> #RedVacuum #Riccar #RiccarVacuums #USA #Vacuums

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What Was The First Vacuum Cleaner Like >>> #Vacuumcleaners have become such an integral part of our lives today that we fear even to imagine what life without them would be. In fact, just the thought of following a back breaking and time consuming routine of manual cleaning makes people lose their sleep. These appliances have simplified the hardest and most important of everyday tasks for millions of people across the globe.

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Riccar vacuums represent the highest standards in design, material, and durability, offering exceptional filtration and cleaning ability, plus unique specialty features

Riccar Vacuums - St. James, Missouri USA

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