Paul "Moose" Curtis: Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti - Paul "Moose" Curtis

Clean graffiti  Environmentally friendly reverse graffiti

Some people make graffiti by spraying paint on nice clean walls, but not if you're a clean graffiti artist.

reverse graffiti- taking away the years of  pollution, grime, and decay to reveal a beautiful work of art.

Reverse Graffiti

Paul Curtis aka Moose, reverse graffiti, cleaning a surface instead of adding paint to it!

Reverse graffiti! need to do this some where!

Reverse Graffiti Project, San Francisco: Using detergent and a wire brush, the tools of many a cleaner, graffiti artist Moose works with advertisers to create innovative clean messages and slogans that inevitably turn into works of art.

street art cleaning up a dirty world

I Bet This Man Has Embarrassed A Few Police Officers Who Have Tried To Arrest Him

The Reverse Graffiti Project. Graffiti Artist "Moose" and Green Works plant based cleaner. Shot by documentarian Doug Pray.

Welcome to the world of reverse graffiti, where the artist’s weapons are cleaning materials and where the enemy is the elements: wind, rain, pollution and decay. It’s an art form that removes dust or dirt rather than adding paint. Some find it intriguing, beguiling, beautiful and imaginative, whereas others look upon it in much the same way as traditional graffiti – a complete lack of respect for the law. Reverse graffiti challenges ideals and perceptions while at the same time shapes and…

5 Pictures of Reverse Graffiti Artists Cleaning Up the Streets Without Technology

Leeds, UK. Moose: The original Reverse Graffiti Artist Real name, Paul Curtis, Moose is the grand-daddy of reverse graffiti. He’s been cleaning the streets of the UK and beyond for around ten years.

Reverse Graffiti: clean tagging, dust tagging, grime writing, green graffiti or clean advertising.