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Anakin Skywalker was created by the Sith, A very interesting theory.
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"Dressing modestly doesn't mean I lack confidence, it means I'm so confident I don't need to reveal my body to the world because I rather reveal my mind." Download the Whisper app for more. #WhisperApp #sassy #BlairWaldorf

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How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

If you're a human being then your main goal in life is probably to end up happy. Unless you're emo. Then you're not a human being at all. If you ask anybody on the street what they want most in life, they'll most likely say that they want to die happ

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I'm taking this to heart today and giving it time to reveal meaning to me. I'm pondering :)

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Eye Color Meanings Eye Color Percentages and Statistics

Eye Color Percentages and Statistics

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Infographic: The Meanings Of Common Types Of Dreams And Dream Symbols -
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