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Responsible Of Or For

This is what you Trump Turds voted for and what those who voted 3rd party or didn't bother at all helped to do to our country. Don't you DARE all yourselves Christian or intelligent!! YOU ARE NOT!


TOUGH TIMES have made me wonder when i'll have my happy ever after or if it will even happen. But I realised that I'm 100% responsible for my happiness and how I feel and behave in the face of adversity or things not working out. Who have I been and what thoughts have I had? Our true intentions always belie our words. So so happy that we start back with @clondonaikido today after a long summer break as I've missed the practise and training my mind to see other's point of view. Keep…


Republicans/Conservatives don't protest let alone ever riot. We have jobs, lives, dignity, respect for law and order and a love of country. Only these POS's of shit that don't work, live off their parents or the system, AND HATE the very country that has given them so much that they didn't have to earn.


the best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. no apologies or excuses, no one to lean on, rely on, or blame.


long term effects of alcohol-I don't understand why drinkings so awsome? So you can look cool for your friends or partner? Theres more important things in life than just drinking and doing drugs. Especially if you have kids. Think about it.. You won't see your babies grow because, your too fucked up to care, and would rather act like a teenager than a responsible adult.


Please support your local shelter and rescue groups and adopt, never shop, for your next furry family member. They will make sure your pet is spayed or neutered and micro chipped. Won't you open up your responsible, healthy and forever home to a deserving animal? Please don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die. Thanks



Rose & Grey Christmas


Be thankful for the common. Be grateful for the ordinary.


Oh my word. So true. The tragedy is that so many people who are abused don't even realize it. Predators can be absolutely brilliant at grooming their victims, making their victims think what they're going through is normal. Sometimes it's blaming the victim. Sometimes it's disguising abuse as some form of medicinal or other routine. Sometimes it's parentifying children so they feel responsible for their perpetrator's feelings. Sometimes it's gaslighting so the victim is confused about their


21 Quotes For Your Twenties

The only One Who can make us truly happy is God: like it or not, we are wired for Him-- ultimate Truth, ultimate Good, ultimate Beauty, ultimate Unity. What can remind us of this is someone whom we hoped would be a true friend to us who, because of their own issues, didn't think we were worth the effort. We don't give others worth, we can only recognize what's already intrinsically there for what human beings are in essence. Shame that such people expected so little of God, of us, of…