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The National Memo » Another Republican Senator Rejects Norquist’s Tax Pledge: The fraud is up, Grover and you should be facing federal indictments for bribing and threatening elected officials.

Republican Senator Tries to Turn US into Canada with Workplace Protection for LGBT Community ~ RJ Giglio | Henry Harbor

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski Becomes Third Republican Senator To Back Marriage Equality

"I recognize that it is an area that, as a Republican, I will be criticized for," Murkowski says...

He Will Always Be an Agent of Peace, Compassion and Vision. I can only imagine what this Man could have done to better the lives of ALL AMERICANS had Republicans not been so Vengeful and Hateful. For me and Millions more, He will forever be The Best President of My Lifetime. #OBAMA


Senate Republicans Kill a Bill to Expand Veterans' Benefits

In one of the most disgusting displays and betrayals of our armed forces since sending them to die in Iraq for no reason, Republican Senators today blocked a veterans bill from being passed. A bill that would have helped 22 million veterans and their family. Many which are disabled from their services in the Afghan and Iraq war. Now that these brave men and women who served well in our military with honor have come back battered and broken, the Republicans do not want to pay for the care of…


2 Republican Senators Revoke Support for Garland Hearings

As a wall of opposition grows, only two Republican senators now call for hearings on the nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court.