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I LOVE that he's too afraid to debate Hillary but he's gotta suck it up! I'm looking forward to her talking rings around him!


Republican Primary Results & Delegate Count 2016 #PBS... #PBS: Republican Primary Results & Delegate Count 2016 #PBS… #PBS

Yep. Hitler didn't start off saying he was going to kill millions of jews, gays, gypsies, people with birth defects and so on. No, first his political party slandered those groups, and then belittled them, then they were vilified and the citizens who were filled with hate dew nearer and nearer to Hitler. Only later did concentration camps and genocides arrive...


This combination of failure and fruition has made the Trump campaign coverage hard to watch and stomach.


Poster depicting Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet. William H. Seward, Salmon P. Chase, Simon Cameron and Edward Bates had all competed against Lincoln in the Republican primary and were thus effectively offered positions in the cabinet to assure Lincoln's nomination. Despite Lincoln's political inexperience he was able to not only manage his "Team of RIvals," but turn them into loyal advisors.

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A Good Conspiracy Theory About the Republican Primary

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Rachel Maddow revisits Donald Trump's ignorance of the U.S. nuclear triad in a Republican primary debate and notes that his answers Monday night show he either didn't care to learn more or failed at doing so for the first presidential debate.

I reviewed every Republican primary debate. Here are Trump’s 7 key moves. - Vox

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79 Thoughts Australians Had Watching The Republican Primary Debate

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