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Republican Party Definition

Obviously this isn't exactly how it goes, but the Republican party definitely has a pattern of "standing up" for one group for the sole purpose of attacking another group. Whether its voters recognize that or not.


Why don't people understand this? It's old news, something I learned in school when a kid. What the hell are schools teaching that they don't have time for Phys Ed etc, but they also don't teach REAL history or read classics or how to think and gain a foundation to succeed in life, either? Is a school day focused solely on liberal, socialist indoctrination? What ARE they doing all day?!


Laughable, (ˈlɑːfəbəl ) (adj) Definition: absurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous, ridiculous (so unreasonable as to invite derision). So stupid as to be funny. Not worth serious consideration. See: One Million Moms, American Family Association , AFA , GOP , Republican Party , Extreme Ideology , Extreme Christianity , Political Incompetence , Homophobia , Transphobia


Republican vs Democrat Graph | This comparison of Republicans vs. Democrats makes it very clear who ...


One Paul Ryan Quote Proves the Republican Party is Screwed This November and Beyond

After the bombings in Brussels, Cruz advocated for policing and monitoring of Muslim communities in the US. If that’s better than Trump’s plan to deny Muslims entry into the United States, that’s straining the definition of the word “better.”’s Word of the Day - skulduggery - dishonorable proceedings


Trickle-Down Economics, Greed and the Republican Party are Destroying American Values Read more at: greed-money

Me too!!!!! Throw the scoundrels out and get some people that are not corrupt and who have a backbone.


Craig Eaton - Republican Party Chairman. Total tit. Massive over-reaction to Game of Thrones using a George Bush prop head for a head on a spike you can hardly see and definitely can't tell it's a Bush head. Simmer down you tosser. Calling for a ban on GoT - you'd have a nerd army at your door if you're not careful.