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Republicans voted 62 times to repeal The ACA since - Jan. 19th 2011. Republicans did not have a replacement then and they do not have a replacement now. More than 70% of consumers can find health plans for $75.00 or less per month. Before the ACA, 45,000 annual deaths were associated with lack of health insurance, according to a study published by the American...

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You came to this country for religious Freedom, but you tell us we can't say "Merry Christmas" because it offends your religion?

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The Russian Security Team

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News that is accurate and weighted according to the preponderance of evidence is very hard to find

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Twitter allows Trump to get his message out without the Lyin'Liberal Media's SPIN ...

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Bristol Palin is a hypocrite who gets paid to preach abstinence only. Only to get knocked up by 2 different men

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Yes, you are going to lose Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, but the good news is, you get to help pay for a giant wall!

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It's like that one time on Lumpy's Faux News show when a contributor ranted about the 'welfare state', ending with, and I promise I'm not making this up, "I was on food stamps...anybody help me? No!"

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A very apt display of thoroughly warped & treacherous "values"! This guy should serve jail time for gross neglect of duty!

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More Women, Voted, For trump, Then, Men ~

More Women, Voted, For trump, Then, Men ~

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