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Truth! Liberal Hollywood Celebrities = No Credibility in Politics!!!

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Too bad the republicans did all they could to stop you from geting anything done, for no other reason then you were a black man in the white house.

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Elitist hypocritical .......aka: Meryl Streep (loud-mouthed idiot)

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40 Celebrities Who Are Republicans

40 Celebrities Who Are Republicans 40 celebrities who are Republicans according to the Federal Election Commission, or known conservatives. Some of these may surprise you. Or not.

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Republicans have given us actors and a reality TV host - no more complaining that democrats live in a Hollywood bubble.

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Cher not ONLY disappoints but I'm starting to think Hollywood is like a brainwashed cult. No discussions, vilify those who don't think like them. They won't hire conservatives. Almost sounds like Hitler!!!!

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Hollywood is filled with everything that the Bible warns us against. It's time to unsubscribe to cable, stop watching trash in theaters, and open our Bibles daily. God bless.

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