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Veias e camadas de pétalas representadas nas cerâmicas da artista Hitomi Hosono


There was really no reason for me to make this at all - there are scant few poets I actually like or care to read. /// Poetry Analysis Template - Julie Cohen -


Again! Again! by Sonia Levitin | Poetry Foundation

he recording, etc. Without all that musical information, lyrics usually do not function as well, precisely because they were intentionally designed that way. The ways the conditions of that environment affect the construction of the words (refrain, repetition, the ways information that can be communicated musically must be communicated in other ways in a poem, etc.) is where we can begin to locate the main differences between poetry and lyrics.

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Words and Phrases in Poetry or a Story RL2.4

Words and phrases that give meaning to a poem or story- alliteration, rhythm, rhyme, repetition RL2.4

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How to Teach Poetry (Even if You Hate it

Free poetry book and posters to help you students learn important terms. Great for learning centers.