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Marimekko’s Green Green fabric is adorned with a beautiful flower motif, created by Japanese textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka in 1975. The fabric is heavyweight cotton, and its repeat measures 78 cm.

from Girl Charlee

Red Turquoise Blue Navajo Blanket Cotton Spandex Blend Knit Fabric

Red Turquoise Blue Navajo Blanket Cotton Spandex Blend Knit Fabric - Beautiful Navajo blanket inspired design in red and turquoise blue and black on a white, soft cotton spandex rayon blend knit. Fabric has a soft hand, good 4 way stretch, nice drape, and is light to mid weight. Diamond measures 3/4", repeat measures 5 1/4" (see image for scale). :: $6.50


Gothic beach towel.​ This great black towel features a repeated red design made up of skulls, stars, hearts and cherries.​ This large towel is made from polyester and measures 150cm x 75cm.

from Etsy

Homage To A Tree Pendant Lamp

Homage To A Tree Pendant Lamp by Woodlandstainedglass on Etsy, $1560.00


zak + fox | uroko fabric (inspired by the japanese legend of kiyohime)


Celtic Knots. Quilting patterns in the white blocks repeat the knot design. Measures 98" square. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.


by Jane Blakeley (Australia) Nov 1, 2012 -Cut 12 x 12 at 5 1/2" wide. -Score card across ways at 4 & 8" -Score 1 1/2" down at the 6" mark & again at the 10" mark. -Turn up the other way & repeat last step -Cut between two score lines, then fold the card as indicated above. - Decorate as you like. Two long panels are 5 1/4" x 1 3/4"; the two centre greeting panels measure 3 3/4" x just less than 2 1/2"(is that 2 3/8-I'm not good with my inches) and the four panels are 1 1/4" x 1 3/4"


Woodland Wall Border Decorative Decals Set of 8 silhouette decals can be positioned, removed and repositioned. Wipe clean plastic. Design is repeating so you can use multiple sets to create a border. Each decal measures 14"L x 6"H. - 15oo See more at: