As renters, the bathroom is one of those rooms in the home that we often just deal with, as-is. It's not like your average renter is up for refinishing floors or replacing faucets (though if you are, props), but there are still quick, easy, and relatively cheap fixes you can make in your rental bathroom to create a more functional and beautiful space. Read on for six of my favorites...

Minimalist Apartment Checklist | Check out this awesome, minimal infographic focusing on all of the essentials for your next rental! Everything from the kitchen and dining room area, to the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and even all of the necessary cleaning supplies.

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Bathroom is that place where you get to relax and wash away the lassitude after an all-day work. So your bathroom must be well organized and tidy that can bring the relaxed atmosphere first. Just think how you can feel relaxed when you walk into a clutter bathroom. Then problem comes that your bathroom is …

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