Looking Back at "Far Beyond The Stars" It's a fun argument with almost too many options to consider but to us the answer to the question What was the single best episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? is "Far Beyond the Stars." The extraordinary hour of television -- which debuted on February 11 1998 -- or 19 years ago today -- was directed by Avery Brooks and gave us a Prophets-inspired vision of 1950s science-fiction writer Benny Russell struggling to overcome racism and prejudice as he…

Speaking of Odo, no discussion of that character is complete without mentioning his best frenemy Quark. Thanks to the marvelous chemistry between Rene Oberjonois and Armin Shimmerman, DS9 was far more interesting and fun than it would have been otherwise. Thank you, gentlemen.

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Staged Reading: Rene Auberjonois stars as Tom Wolfe in BIG BAD WOLFE! Rene Auberjonois Friday, June 28 at 8pm The Electric Kool-Aid Kandy-Kolored Right Stuff Man in the Ice-Cream-Suit A One-Man Show by Judith Auberjonois Tony Award-winning actor Rene Auberjonois performs in an evening celebrating the writings of Tom Wolfe, one of the most iconic, uproarious, and trenchant writers of the fads, follies, and triumphs of the American scene from the 1960s onward.

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