How to remove water rings from wooden furniture from Homemade Mamas

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How to remove water stains / rings from wood furniture! This works! I tried every other thing on the Internet and failed! This worked within minutes!!! I had a huge water heat stain from a hot pot on a wet cloth!

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All is not lost if you forgot to use a drink coaster and got a water mark or water ring on your wood furniture (or even worse, someone else's wood furniture). Here are several options for removing the water mark and making your furniture as...

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Forget to Use a Coaster So There is That Icky Water Ring? No Worries This Trick Will Make Fix It

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Water Rings on Wood... Set a cold drink on your wood furniture without using a coaster and you’ll leave a round reminder not to do it again. To remove it, dip a white cloth in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and vegetable oil, and rub out the stain, wiping with the grain. Then clean the area with a dry cloth to make the wood shine. You can also remove water rings from leather furniture by dabbing them with vinegar on a cloth.

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remove a water mark from wood, water stains on wood, how to remove water rings. The mark is actually wax if it is old furniture (they used paste wax). I removed glass rings on antiques by using mayonnaise. Spread it on the ring, place saran wrap over it and leave it for about an hour or two. Wipe with clean cloth. No ring at all. Heard it on a radio program a couple if years ago. It worked for me!!

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