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Remain in Light, Talking Heads - David Byrne said that Remain in Light "was done in bits and pieces, one instrument at a time." The result was a New Wave masterpiece powered by contradiction, the combined thrust of a P-Funk dance party, the ancient-to-the-future rhythm hypnosis of Nigerian funkmaster Fela Kuti and the studied adventurousness of the album's producer and Heads co-conspirator, Brian Eno. Just try not dancing to "Once in a Lifetime."


'Remain In Light' is generally regarded by music critics as being the best Talking Heads album. It was the third album in the Heads/Eno trilogy and was -after 'I Zimbra' on Fear Of Music- their second exploration of African rhythms. 'Remain In Light' was issued in October 1980.


Louis Kahn (from "Licht und Raum- light and space", Urs Büttiker) The chronological listing of projects traces Kahn's development process in light control and modulation. Projects beginning with student work from 1924 and ending with the Berkeley library from 1971-1974 reveal an extraordinary broad spectrum of solutions for the design of light and space. Kahn's struggle to find the coherent answer for each architectural challenge remains the basic principle characterizing his complete work.


Album: Remain in Light (1980) Artist: Talking Heads. Genre: New Wave/post-punk. LISTEN ►


Talking Heads Little Creatures Remain in Light + LP #Vinyl Record Lot of 3

1980 Talking Heads Studio Album Remain in Light LP

1980 Talking Heads Studio Album Remain in Light LP #talkinghead