As Conservatives call for 'religion' back in schools they mean Qur'ans in classrooms and Kosher meals in the cafeterias right?

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Religion in Schools -

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We don't care if you believe in gods or worship them. That is your right. But if you want to push your beliefs into our schools, government or laws, understand that is NOT your right or privilege. Their is no war on religion. There is only a push back on your centuries of breaking the law because no one bothered to point out your crimes before.

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Role of religion in schools under scrutiny as Ofsted reveal extent of fundamentalism in Birmingham schools

YES! Stop calling it "difference in opinion" and call it what it really is - BIGOTRY. I will not "tolerate" your hatred.

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In School, I was often told by peers and teachers alike that I was an "Evil" child, and that I would burn in hell for not going to church and believing in magic. It's cruel, It's abusive, and It's wrong. It's why I push for no religion in schools, and why I have a problem with people of certain faiths. I've faced many issues from members of religious groups- including Christians, Catholics, and Mennonites. I don't ever want my daughter to suffer through "No Lunch" for not praying.

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Here's a great story for kids. A day-in-the-life of a boy from Brazil as he goes to school. Would make a great teaching resource!

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Pro-Bible district changes mind about religion in school after being forced to hand out Satanic fliers

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Philosopher Dan Dennett calls for religion -- all religion -- to be taught in schools, so we can understand its nature as a natural phenomenon. Then he takes on The Purpose-Driven Life, disputing its claim that, to be moral, one must deny evolution.

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