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The Yoruba people: Their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, Language - The Yoruba people (Yoruba: Àwọn ọmọ Yorùbá) are an ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin in West Africa. #africanbookstore

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African "Juju costume". Cross River Egbo Society. Image taken from a lecture given by Carl Meinhof on African Religion in Hamburg, 1912. Shaman, ritual, costume

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Voodoo is an animist religion that consecrates a cult to Loas (gods) and to the ancestors. Voodoo originated in Africa, specifically with the Fon, Yoruba, and Ewe tribes. Geographically, those ethnic groups can be found throughout Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. More than a religion or a cult of death, voodoo plays a major role in everyday life through the symbolization of the African traditions for the Haitian people. Read more…

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What we do as Christians good or bad, we will have to answer for. We are sent to help those in need, not shake our fingers in their face and take what they have.

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Learn all about the exciting continent of Africa! Topics include: Geography and Climate, Different Regions, Government, People, Major Ethic Groups, Language, Religion, Animals, Holidays and Traditions, Foods, and Crafts ideas. #homeschool #lapbooks

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Ogum - In Yoruba religion, Ògún is one of the primoridal Orishas, the first one to come to the realm of Ilê Aiyê (earth) to see if it's suitable for human life. He's the husband of Oyà, and he's a blacksmith and a warrior, master of metalurgic techniques, hunting, agriculture, and war. Ògún is believed to be the very first orisha cultuated by Yoruba people in West Africa.

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Spirituality came from Africa with the original people. Then later turned and twisted into "occult" or " evil" by European oppressors to specifically keep Africans in fear and in Re-Leigion (mass fear based control on all levels.)

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R=Religions-90% of the religion is Muslim, 5% is Christian and 5% is traditional African religion.

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home. but not quite. — andrew and carissa haters gonna hate people who happen to be young and talented and in love as if age has anything to do with any of that. People preach religious freedom, and yet are the first to spew hate at people of faith doing something selfless. Note: My religion or my un-religiousness is none of anyone's business. With that being said, my husband and I are adopting from Africa because we want to love a child who needs and deserves to be loved.

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"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world." James 1:27

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